Kevin Henkes has been a favorite author of mine for a very long time. I read Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse until the pages fell out when I was little, and I was so jealous when the other fifth grade class read Olive’s Ocean. Thus I had great expectations for Bird Lake Moon.

I still am debating whether or not I liked the book. I’m leaning towards really liking it, but I have a few “concerns”. The writing is great, I mean it’s Kevin Henkes. The stories are real as well. Sometimes the boy’s emotions seemed dry (that might be because I’m a girl, though), but then they act normally again. The ending is nearly perfect, and not what I expected. I try to find one reason why it didn’t impress me like I thought it would and I can’t.

Maybe my expectations just left spaces too big to fill. I half wish that I hadn’t known the author, so I could say it was a fantastic book. It just doesn’t match up to Olive’s Ocean.

I just looked at what I said above, and it sounds like a pretty dreary book, huh? Well, it is really good. Henkes spotlights two average boys, and makes their summers connect.

Spencer knows that his house on Bird Lake is haunted. His brother drowned years ago, and Spencer thinks he haunts the lake. First, he finds a pile of sugar with a 12 (the age his brother would be now) and a turtle. He learns that his brother swallowed a turtle when he was little. Everything just builds up, until Spencer is convinced that his brother has lurked on the lake for 8 years.

But Mitch Sinclair knows that Spencer’s brother isn’t haunting the lake. And he would totally tell Spencer if it weren’t for the fact that his parents just split up and might (he doesn’t even want to think about it) be divorcing.

I would buy this book in hardback. I enjoyed it, but Olive’s Ocean is still tops.