Yep… I have not completely disappeared from the planet. I just had finals *insert screams here* this week. I hope that I did well, but I really don’t know. Science and French were easy, but History and Math I’m a bit dubious about the results. Well… I’ll just have to wait and see.

The Newbery awards were announced this week, along with a host of other awards. I’m disappointed to see that Book of a Thousand Days did not snatch a single award. Shannon has a great post that makes me so glad that she is my favorite author. It’s so hard to admit that you wanted something… and you should check out Dean’s post as well. Very funny.

Hugo Cabret! Whoopee! I’m very happy about Hugo winning the Caldecott. No one deserves it more. And hear the cheering for it- it’s astounding.

The Wednesday Wars got a silver. Not too bad… I’ll have to buy a silver sticker for my edition.

What else? I haven’t read the other winners, but two are on my “shelves” (One is on its way back to the library). I just can’t finish Elijah, truth be told. Then again, I’m on page 10, I think. I’ve heard Elijah is top notch… I just need some time I guess. I like Feathers so far, but… I must admit I’m tiny bit surprised that it got an honor. Hey, it might get ten times better, ya never know.

I think I’ll start blogging regularly now that the stress is temporarily over. Next time, I must start studying earlier.