Look Books wishes you a very happy new year! Well, almost. It’s still 2007, for one day. Phew. Let’s rewind and look back at this year.

Well, Look Books started on April 13th, my spring break. I sure didn’t expect it to become this. My Dad showed me this cool site, WordPress, and I wanted to record the books I really liked. The reviews at first- they were pretty bad, and short. The Goose Girl was my first review. You can tell by that how this site has changed.

I joined a forum for fans of Shannon Hale in june, and many of them have their own very cool blogs, such as Miss Erin, Anidori Isilee, and Ani Isilee.

I began author interviews in October, with Sarah Darer Littman. Kirsten Miller and Lisa Yee followed up after Sarah. It’s been pretty crazy with school, so I didn’t keep up with interviews. I do have at least one more coming, maybe two, and others planned. After finals, everyone, after finals.

That brings me to where I am right now. How was your year?

You know what January 1st means? FirstLookTeen and FirstLookChildren pick their ARCs…. YAY!