Trudy is a miracle baby to her parents Ma and Pop, who had her at when Ma was 53 and Pop was 62. Now, Trudy’s parents are often called her grandparents. Her favorite teacher, Ms. Gwen, even makes the mistake. Math class only adds to the stress of her life, there seems to be no way to understand it. Just when Trudy makes her first friend, everything turns around. Pop starts to forget to pick Trudy up at school, and puts all the Christmas gifts behind the couch. Ma and Trudy can only avoid the truth for so long.
Anderson describes the life of a struggling middle schooler with accuracy. Trudy is easy to relate to, with her everyday problems as well as the unusual. I can imagine this book being very helpful for someone who is affected by Alzheimer’s. Even though I have not been directly affected in my family, many of my neighbors have had it. There’s a certain scene that I nearly cried because it felt so real.

Jessica Lee Anderson has not written any other books, but I am very eager to read another book by her. I don’t see a sequel to this book, because it ends so perfectly.
I liked this books mainly because it dealt with real people, and unusual situations. Trudy is your average middle schooler in several ways ( I still haven’t figured out her age) but has a family not so normal. I’d love to see more books that face problems hard to talk about.