I read this book about five years ago, and I just reread it recently. This was really odd for me because I was reading the original tale in french for my french class.

I kept wanting to say things like, “Beauty also has three brothers!'” , “Beauty isn’t ugly, she’s the most beautiful of the sisters!”, etc. Nothing was wrong with the story, I just had a hard time reading both at once.

Beauty is the retelling of the classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. McKinley really does a superb job with the writing, but I couldn’t find it believable. I couldn’t believe the end. After rereading it, I looked back on both experiences. The first half of the book entranced me, and that’s the only thing that kept me reading the second half. I felt betrayed by the Beast not changing throughout the story, he felt like a flat character in the second half. Just as we were getting to know him, the hidden deeper character seemed to disappear.

3 days until Christmas… Sorry for such a short review… I need to make an appetizer for a Christmas Party, finish my Christmas shopping, finish my Christmas writing, transcribe the Lisa Yee interview, start studying for finals, etc., etc., etc.