Well, I can’t decide whether I liked it. It was very well made, but it felt very short. Parts were switched around like crazy, you fans will notice that, and some things were made up. I really didn’t feel like the religious aspect of the book was taken out, it just wasn’t spoken.

Hmm… Nicole Kidman is Mrs. Coulter exactly. She has the motherly evilness that I imagined. Quite a rich character, and she plays that complexity perfectly. Some fans have whined that in the book, Mrs. Coulter has brown/black hair (can’t remember), but does hair color really matter?

Dakota Blue Richards. Wow. Oh my gosh. She’s amazing as Lyra, the same spunky, disobedient attitude. I really didn’t imagine Lyra with curly hair, but oh well.

Now what bothered me was the end. They just leave Lord Asriel hanging, and if The Golden Compass doesn’t do well in theatres, there won’t be The Subtle Knife. How awful would it be to end that way? I mean, with Lyra and Roger just going to the north and never knowing what happens. The book already has a perfect ending, why change it?

You know what also really bothered me? It’s Iofur Raknison, not Ragnok. Isn’t Ragnok the name of a dwarf from Prince Caspian? What on earth is wrong with Iofur Raknison? Seriously.

Overall, the movie was better than most adaptations. I’m just nitpicky today.