I’m sort of stealing this idea from Fuse #8 and Miss Erin Marie. Now, this year’s list isn’t as filled with books as normal, because I’m asking for something big. And, well, I still have about twenty books from my book spree that I haven’t read or reviewed yet. These are in order from most wanted to least wanted.

I’ve been wanting this one for quite a while. Emma Jean seems like such an unusual character- and some reviews have said it’s a Newbery contender, so, I have to read it. I actually like the cover, unlike most.

THE SWEET FAR THING!!! Okay, this one is a given. I love this series, and I think something would be seriously wrong with me if this wasn’t on my list. Libba Bray is amazing.

Most of you don’t know how much I love history. Lincoln is so fascinating to me- I just want to know what was behind the thick furrowed brow. What he thought. How much he changed our country, for the good, and the bad. I had to stop reading this in favor of a shorter book for a book report last year, and have wanted it ever since.

David McCullough is one of my favorite historians, and I really want to learn more about Theodore Roosevelt.

I’ve heard this is a really good “twisted” fairytale. Also, Miss Erin Marie has an awesome book trailer. The cover is really interesting, I love the silhouette.

I don’t know why I want this book. FirstLook Teen had it as an ARC, and I didn’t get it. I guess that’s why, it looks really good too.

Hmm… I’ve really started to enjoy Shakespeare for the last year or so. The Merchant of Venice was the old eighth grade Shakespeare play, therefore I picked this one next.

A nice, long biography of my favorite first lady. What’s not to want?

A book about writing fantasy from one of the best fantasy writers out there. I think it just might be good advice. 😉

I’m not much of a fantasy writer, but I always enjoy any kind of help from favorite authors.

This isn’t the version I want, but it’s the best I can find. Mary Chestnut was the wife of a southern general during the civil war and reconstruction era. I first heard about her and her poetry in Ken Burn’s documentary on the civil war, and have been intrigued ever since.

It would be nice to own this.