I bought this on my book spree for my birthday, and almost regret it. It’s Jerry Spinelli, I thought, so it must be great. WRONG! It’s good, just not great. I mean, I really liked it and all, just not as much as Stargirl, Milkweed, or The Library Card.

David’s Grandma is dragging him to an easter egg hunt, and he is nine. She doesn’t seem to understand that most of the kids barely reach his waist. He finds an egg on the edge of the woods. He picks it up, and below are lips! He uncovers the body, and David realizes this must be a murder! He tells the dead girl all of his secrets, and goes back to the egg hunt before it’s too late.

He watches the news every day for a picture of the girl and her story, but nothing happens. His grandma, ever so kindly, takes him to a story time, and he sees the dead girl. HE SEES THE DEAD GIRL.

This sounds really creepy, which I expected it to be, but it isn’t creepy at all. David’s mother died, and that’s mainly what the book is about. And sunrises. I mean, the book is really good, just misleading to your average nine or ten year old. The flap says the passage where David finds Primrose. People who pick this book up aren’t really thinking of a realistic book.

Oh, I’ve heard rumors that this is a Newbery shoo-in. I don’t think it will win, to be completely honest. (Knowing that I posted this, it now will, of course.) Eggs seems to be a mismatched book. Some chapters are Newbery-deserving, but others, not so amazing.

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in so long. I’m really working on book reviews, and have some more interviews… it’s just I’m insanely busy with a wedding, Christmas preparations, starting to study for finals in January, and my Human History essay. I think I may have to post only once a week if I want to keep my grades up. I guarantee one book review a week.

Oh, yeah. I’ll also be busy because I’ve started writing a lot more. I’m getting my Grandma’s laptop, so now I don’t have to work on my Mom’s computer.

Have a great week!