Ahh! My internet turned off in the middle of writing this and I only saved half. Darn. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope that you had a good one.

Edgar Eager is a superb writer. I remember in third grade asking for more books like Half Magic when I was finished rereading it. The pen and ink drawings, the references to other books, the crisp dialogue, and the average characters make this book wholly enjoyable.

Jane, Katherine, Marc (or is it Mark?) , and Martha find a nickel on the sidewalk while they are meandering Toledo. Jane, the oldest, claims that the nickel belongs to her, because, being fair, she saw it first. That’s when all the trouble (and I mean trouble) starts. First, Jane wishes that there would be a fire. To calm you all down, Jane is not a pyromaniac. Jane is perfectly normal and has no idea that her nickel just might make her wishes come true. All she wanted was for something to happen… something interesting… like a fire or finding a hundred dollar bill on the ground. She found a nickel, not a hundred dollar bill. Maybe not just a nickel, though.

I think this is Eager’s best work. He either hits the spot, or strays rather far off. The Time Garden does not compare at all to Half Magic. I often wonder that the same man wrote them. If you told me they were by two different people, I think I might believe you.

Anyways, Half Magic is a rather old book, and I love that. The drawings are so quaint, perfect for this book. And it, of course, has an ending that is perfect. I’m not saying what happens- it may or may not be a surprise. I’ll just say this is one top notch book.

Transcribing is so much work! I’m almost through with it… maybe I’ll do two parts for this interview. Yes, that might work.

It’s almost the holidays! I’m so excited. The Sweet Far Thing comes out then, and I get to give books to all my friends. Not that they read them… until the summer. If you’re looking for some sweet presents, readergirlz have some really cool bookmarks. I’m using one or two as presents, but the rest I’ll make myself.

Anyways… I’ve got to go and finish transcribing.