This book, as much as I liked it, really didn’t satisfy me. It has a great first line, “I live in a family with a lot of dead people” (Don’t quote me- that’s not exact. I left it at school).

Comfort Snowberger’s family owns a funeral home. She’s been to 247 funerals in her life, and still doesn’t understand why people have obituaries. She believes in “Life Notices”. When her Great Great Aunt Floretine dies, Comfort’s life breaks into a million little pieces.

First, there’s Declaration, her best friend. For the first time, they got in a fight. A big fight. Both girls only see their side. When Declaration says what she thinks, Comfort’s day only gets worse.

I liked this book- to an extent. It’s not one of my favorites, but I think it deserves kudos for being really good. Nothing much can be as good after reading The Wednesday Wars.

The names were unbelievable- and I don’t mean that as in “They were unbelievable!”. I couldn’t believe that in one town, they would have people named Declaration, Tidings, Comfort, Peach ( a boy) Shuggar, or a dog named Dismay. Too odd. I liked the name Comfort, but Tidings and Declaration felt odd.

Anyways, I’ll have another interview pretty soon.