A Ring of Endless Light I read this book in fifth grade, and I loved it so much. I bought it earlier this spring at Borders (I think it was on sale because it’s newbery honor sticker is the wrong color), though I just picked it up.

Vicky Austin goes to her grandfather’s house on Seven Bay Island. Each day, her grandfather only seems to grow weaker from Leukemia. The book begins with the Austin’s family friend Commander Rodney’s funeral. There, she meets her older brother’s friend Adam, who she thinks she likes. She works with him and his dolphins in an ESP project (don’t worry- nothing odd at all).

There are some very, very “life changing” scenes, not to be dramatic, that really jolted me out of my seat while I read this. L’Engle, the wonderful author she was, knows what is real and what isn’t real. She deals with some really tough issues for a children’s book; suicide, death in the family, romance (seemingly not tough), unexpected death, the meaning of existance, etc.

I’ve read some reviews that said this book doesn’t deserve a newbery honor. They said that this book dealt with issues too deep, too dangerous for children. I think the opposite. This book didn’t bother me in fifth grade, and was the perfect introduction to those topics. I’d really like to post my favorite scene, but then I’d spoil it for you. I think that you would be able to guess the scene once you read the book.

Um…. other things. I’ve got another interview on the way, and it’s going to be great! I’m so glad that this is working out. Thanks again Ms. Littman for the interview, I really had fun.