PCUmm… at the moment I can’t find an image of this book, but I very much enjoyed it.

Steven Frank is an english teacher, and he wrote a book about his experiences. Some chapters were very humorous, while the chapter about essays I did not enjoy. His stories and advice helped out a lot, without having to do separate activities for them. Some situations were a bit exaggerated, which made the advice hard to believe.

This isn’t the typical book that I would review, but never the less, I think I would recommend it to most people who read this blog. It’s more about sharing the love of writing to me than actually learning how to be a better writer.

Last year I “led” a little book club/ writing class with my gifted teacher to sixth graders. I found that they enjoyed it more than regular workbook lessons. Unfortunately, none of them (from my opinion based on five meetings) seemed to love to write. Therefore, everything was meticulous to them.

I’ve heard from Spider that the club is still going on at our old school. And…. *cringes* that they don’t like it. Ah, well, too bad. I enjoyed the book a lot.

It’s in paperback, too…. I’ll have to see if Borders has it when I go next.