Millicent Min, Girl GeniusI read this book and its companions, Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time, and So Totally Emily Ebers, this summer. Even though the covers are very non representative of the quality of the story, I will recommend Millicent Min, Girl Genius.

Millicent is that smart girl that you see walking through the hallways but never say anything. The Girl who answers in class and basically has a debate between the teacher and herself. Yep, you know her. (You may even be her.)

Millicent Min, Girl Genius gives a refreshing look on what that nerdy girl actually feels. Maybe she doesn’t want to be smart. It’s just the way she is born, and she can’t help it.

The book is Millie’s path to a more “normal” life, as her parents call it, but really consists of playing volleyball, making her first friend Emily, and tutoring the funny-but-mostly-a-jerk Stanford Wong. I found Millicent Min, Girl Genius not only enjoyable, but quite realistic. Yee does quite a good job of putting all Millie’s worries into words and making the average joe understand Millie’s love for words and for math. Okay, I love words, but I think she does a good job anyways. And math- you can fully trust me to say that I hate it. Mostly. Today was fun, but as a job… eep.

I’ve been rambling. Just read this book. Really. It’s good. Better than peeps.

Oh, yeah. Lisa Yee is coming near me. I hope I get to meet her, I’d really like too, but…. I have this sports dinner. I really want to go to both, but I think I have got something worked out.