A Mango Shaped SpaceI bought a stack of books at Borders yesterday, and I bought a book that I have wanted for quite a bit. I’m even thinking about using this as our next book club book (after A Great and Terrible Beauty).

A Mango Shaped Space tells the tale of Mia Winchell (what an awesome name!) , a secret synesthete. Mia sees colors when she hears sounds, and letters, numbers, and names all have names for her. Except she hasn’t told anyone.

Mia is terrified of the reaction of her fellow students if they ever learned that she saw differently. Her parents don’t know, and neither does her best friend Jenna. She has kept her ability silent since second grade.

What will happen when everyone finds out? Will Mia be humiliated? Put into special classes? Avoided by her family?

A Mango Shaped Space is a great book for so many reasons. One, the writing is amazing. Read this sentence, how real is it?

We used to be a lot closer, before she went to high school and dropped me like a piping-hot bag of microwave popcorn.

I loved how Mass creates an environment for Mia that feels so real. She has to balance the weight of her Grandfather’s death, synesthesia, her crazy family, and Mango. Oh my gosh. How I love the character of Mango. Mia finds a cat after her grandfather’s funeral, and she becomes very close to him. I think Mass does a great job putting a pet in a book but not over doing the connection.

I’d really really like to recommend this book to everyone. I procrastinated in buying this for almost a year, and I regret it. I hate those times where you pick up a book, look at it, and decide not to buy it. After a bit you buy it, and wished you did long ago.

Oh, this book won the Schneider Family Award, which is for artistic expression of the disability experience. I’d love to pick up a few other Schneider Family Award winning books, since this book was so good.