I am going to make some changes to lookbooks. I’ve been thinking about one specific since it started in april, and I’ve finally got the guts to do it. It might take me a while, or it might not. I’m pretty excited about it, and I hope that you will like it too.

Also, I’ve thought that this blog has become a little too…. personal. I am now going to stick to reviewing books, though I do have a writing blog, a shannon hale blog, etc. that you can private message on Little Red Reading Hood or email felicity@ppetto.com if you want the passwords to any of them. (I will give them to you if I know you, of course. If I don’t, I’m very sorry.)

Seeing as I will only be reviewing new books or reccomending old books, I won’t be posting nearly as much. I will strive for once a week, and if for some reason I can’t one week, I will alert you. (I have finals, christmas, etc.)

Well, lunch is ending now so I have to get to my next class!