I am obsessed with books by Margaret Peterson Haddix at the moment. For the past week, I’ve brought one to French class each day. (I promise you, I’m not skimping out on class. I know all the stuff the first time she teaches it; I can skip the other fifty something times.)

Turnabout is the story of Anny Beth and Melly, who at age 100, took the drug PT-1, and it changed their lives forever. (no cliche) From that point on, they began to age backwards, from 100, to 99, to 98, etc. It’s a surprising science fiction that takes place about…. 84 years in the future.

The agency that gave them this drug can’t stop them aging. They are forbidden to talk to their families, to tell anyone of the drug. Anny Beth and Melly must start anew, and find themselves in a world of technology. The only problem is a mysterious AJ Hazelwood…

Gah. I can’t explain how wonderful this book is to me. It totally saved me from going into ne… jamais, ne… pas encore, ne… plus for the tenth time this week. I had, you know, read it before, but that doesn’t really matter, does it? 😉