Well, not exactly. I can’t break my record of five- no six- days in a row. So I’ll find something to talk about that has to do with books.

Jane Eyre was mentioned in my Human History II textbook today. All the more reason to love that class. Something about it being a “byronic” classic. I’ll ask my teacher about it tomorrow. If he disses Jane Eyre, he will go down on my scale of favorite teachers.

I haven’t read in ages. If ages means one day. It feels like a century since I picked up a book.

I have a cross country meet on saturday. I’m running, but I really don’t want to run. I get so nervous. This is a hilly course, so it’ll take me at least forty minutes. When I run, I try to think about LRRH, Shannon Hale, my writing, or anything that isn’t running.