I’m so excited to tell everyone that Shannon is going to sign a copy of The Goose Girl to me, Felicity! The King’s English called Saturday night. So… A very nice person who leads the Classics book club at TKE is having Shannon sign the book on the 22nd. I guess he knows her. I ordered this in June, so I’m uber excited.

Let’s see… what else? We talked about what I like to read, how I like Jane Austen, how much I read, etc. so he could tell Shannon about me. Ahh! That last sentence gives me shivers. Thinking that Shannon will know about me.

I messed up a bit, because when he asked me my name on LRRH, I said Felicity. He responded by saying that is a beautiful name, but I misheard him and said, “Yep, it’s easy to remember!” Oops. That was a mistake.

I finished Lord of the Flies. So creepy, but I loved it.  I guess it won a Nobel prize, and it deserves it. *shudders* Very good book. It’s going on my wishlist for my birthday.

Anyways… I’ve got some Human History II homework. It’s actually a very fun course, and don’t you dare call me a nerd. I’ve learned and understood more in two weeks than I did in the entirety of last year.