This is next year’s summer reading, but I decided to read it a bit early. We read a short story by Ray Bradbury in class this year which I did not enjoy, but Fahrenheit 451 surprised me. It was chilling, especially to me, because I love books so much.

The part when they are talking about voting is quite terrifying, in fact. The voters basically had no choice on who to vote for, the wimpy, reserved candidate, or a the handsome, charming candidate whom the government promoted.

Mildred also gave me the chills. Her attitude towards violence, towards anything vulgar, was passive. She was not disturbed by much- she seemed completely obsessed with the soap opera she watched. Guy did not matter, only her “family” did. That part confused me, so I had to re-read it.

I’ve got so many books that I’m trying to read at the moment. With my homework, I try to read at least one a week. These are the books that I’m in the middle of or wait for me on my shelf.

Great Expectations

Mansfield Park

Becoming Jane Austen

Book of a Thousand Days

I know why the caged bird sings

The Pickwick Papers

The Annotated Pride and Prejudice