is so amazing! Still doesn’t overwhelm me like TGG did, but I love it. Dashti has a much different feel than Ani, Enna, Razo, Jane, or Miri. I love her writing in first person, too. The book was sad for me. I *hope* that this book does really really well. It deserves too. I love the interview at the back of the book. Shannon is so cute! I actually believed her for the first page.

I hope I get to meet Shannon. She’s taking a tour this fall. I’m so busy with high school and family, I’m not sure my parents will let me. Of course, if I can go, I’ll ask if the very nice Spider can go too. She may not seem to like Shannon that much, but I know that she is super excited on the inside. (How cheesy does that sound?)

I told my aunt about Austenland. I think she will get it. She’s an English teacher (not anymore).

Do you realize that this blog has turned from “Book Reviews” from “How Cool Shannon Hale is”. 😀