Yep, Mr. Very Nice Borders Manager said yes! Well, I just have to do a lot of work before Borders will actually advertise in store… but I’m so excited! A Great and Terrible Beauty is our first book.

I’m think of putting some writing on this site- but only for some people on LRRH and my friends from school. I’m debating on whether I should create a new blog for writing, or just keep a writing page. Either way, I’m going to password protect it. Send me a private message on LRRH if you want the password.

Eep! Schools almost starting, and I have my first Cross Country meet this saturday. I’m really scared and excited. I won’t be able to post as much, and I’m really sorry. I don’t know how much “screen time” I’ll have each day.  I’ll promise to post once a week.

I’m reading a book called Kiki Strike, but I just started. I never finished Drift House, I really didn’t like it. I hope that Kiki is better.

I’ve seen Becoming Jane four times, and I might see it a fifth! Squee!