Yes, I’m afraid that I am become- have become- a crazed austen fanatic, or as some people enjoy calling them, Janeites. Jane Eyre had been my favorite book of late, but now Sense and Sensibility has trampled it.

I have gone to unbelievable standards. I never thought I’d be obsessed again, after Jane Goodall and the chimps in sixth grade, and the musical Wicked, but alas, Jane Austen is, so far, the worst of them all. I have, put in a plea to my father, for him to call Jane Austen’s house museum (though I rather think that they should call it a home, much more inviting) inquiring after a much longed for catalogue. They do seem to have quite a bit of memorabilia, and as my Jane Austen iron on t-shirt did not turn out that well, it would seem the time and place to take the task out of my hands.
And, very happily, I am pleased to say that Becoming Jane will be seen by Moi for the third time this wednesday. I know that many a Janeite dissaproves of this movie, but I do not see it as a biography, but more of an adaptation, an assumption of her life.
This is a very nice page about the facts and fiction of the recent film Becoming Jane. After reading this, I feel much better about the film.

I am so obsessed, that after buying a new copy of Persuasion and finding a slight bend on the bottom left corner, I was forced to return it immediately (or as soon as my dearest father goes to Borders.)