What a wonderful weekend ahead of me! I saw Becoming Jane last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just happen to be seeing it again tonight with some friends. I’m going to talk about the movie in this post, so if you don’t want to know, you probably shouldn’t read to far ahead.

I really enjoyed the end, it was perfect, even to my standards. The romance seemed to blossom very quickly, even a little too quickly. Suddenly, Jane and Tom were deeply in love, after deeply disliking each other. Yes, I know the love/hate thing, but there was nothing between the love/hate (insulting her writing, insulting his habits) and the professions of utmost love.

I cried, mostly at the end, and a couple times in the middle.

They put a lot in for those Austen fanatics. For example, she was writing First Impressions, which is the earlier title to Pride and Prejudice. I found these little details very satisfying.

I shall tell what I thought of the movie after a see it for a second time.