Our local borders is letting me start a YA book club! I’m so excited. I’ll be the leader, so I pick the books and lead the discussion. I need to plan for about six months ahead, and these are my picks so far.

A Great and Terrible Beauty I thought that I’d start with a pretty popular and easier book to attract members. Plus, there is a sequel and The Sweet Far Thing comes out in December. Borders will probably approve this because of popularity.

The Goose Girl I’m not sure that Borders will say okay to this one… Despite my love for Shannon Hale’s books, she’s not insanely popular like she deserves. A plus is that there is a PDF reading guide on Shannon’s website.  Shannon is one of the most open authors I have read, so we could also discuss the advice on her site. The book has won some awards, so that will help.

Other suggestions…

The Golden Compass



The People of Sparks 


The Hobbit

I’d really really like to do P&P, but I think lots of people might quit… maybe I’ll suggest it.