Harry Potter is finally over! This may sound odd, but I’m almost glad. I’m ready for other fantasies to take it’s place. In my opinion, HP isn’t even that well written. It deserves some fame, but not as much as it has gotten. I am a relaxed fan of the books, just like I am of other, less famous books. JKR said that she would write an encyclopedia, and all I have to say is, “Not another one of those flimsy little fantastic beasts books that you just sell for extraneous prices!” If she’s going to write an encyclopedia, make it a longer book. I mean, Borders sells those little Quidditch and Fantastic Beasts books for 17.99! I could buy Eclipse instead of that!

I’m still going to listen to Pottercast when I can, but I think that I’ll drop Mugglecast. I want to keep up with the news. Seriously, I can’t truly believe that the fandom can hold on for too long.

It’s time for new books, as much as I’ve enjoyed Harry Potter, and the books need to move over for a new more worthy book to take it’s spot.