Yes, I did read the book. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

While on the whole I enjoyed the book, some parts felt as if they were out of place. The Epilogue? Merely for fanfic, which I don’t read. What happened to Luna? Dean? Seamus? etc. I did like the name Albus Severus, but not James or Lily. I mean, as much as Harry loved his parents, he never really knew them. His kids are the only James and Lily that he ever knew. I actually liked the names Rose and Hugo, however random they are.

GINNY? WHERE WERE YOU? I wanted Ginny to be a bigger part, more of a tempt for Harry to stay at the burrow. I didn’t want her to be the fourth in the trio, or even know about horcruxes, but Harry really didn’t think about her much.

I very much enjoyed the hallows, and how Harry was a stronger man than Dumbledore. (in that way) Xeno Lovegood made me cry. So sad. I know a lot of people must not like him, but I think that scene shows people under that much pressure.

I really was looking forward to Pottercast, but where is it? I wanted to know what Melissa, Sue and John think of DH, but only TWO POTTERCASTS!!!

I really liked R/Hr in this book. Jo did it just right. The kiss? Ahh… If you missed it, it’s on page 625. Very quick, and I liked how it was Harry who interupted it instead of Ron.

Lupin. Tonks. DEAD! They were my favorite characters, and I can’t believe that she killed them. Come on, Jo! All four marauders dead is SOO cliche. Plus, what about poor Teddy.

Signing off Potterwatch, the password next week is END.