Another book by the amazing Shannon Hale. This book, though, I wasn’t AS pleased with. It still ranks in my favorite books, but The Goose Girl still remains my fav Hale book.

Enna is Ani/Isi’s friend introduced in GG, and she has the power to “fire speak”. Bayern is at war with Tira, and Enna uses her power against Tira. When Enna is captured, she begins to know the Tirans better. She questions war while she is imprisoned, and questions her talent.

It’s my least favorite Hale book so far, because the plot seems to drag on. It’s a bit predictable at some parts, but then again, I love wonderfully predictable books, where the characters do just what you want them to.

In conclusion, I would recommend that you read Enna Burning, and the next book, River Secrets. The next Bayern book is about Razo’s little sister, Rin, and the temporary title is Forest Born.