The Goose GirlThe Goose Girl is an enchanting fairy tale not just for children. Anidori Kiladra, crown princess of Kildenree, is sent to Bayern to marry her betrothed prince. In the six week journey through the forest, her lady in waiting Celia impersonates her, and Ani must become a goose girl to hide from the guards that tried to kill her.

Based on the Brothers Grimm tale, Hale expands the short story into a nearly four hundred page novel. The heroine, persevering even when her life changes so drastically, is a model for young girls. The characters of The Goose Girl are exceptional, and you can’t separate all of them into the categories “bad” and “good”. Hale’s characters aren’t from your perfect, faultless fairy tale. She emphasizes that Ani has difficulties also, like making friends.

Ani must choose the quiet life of a goose girl, where she has found real friends, or claim her throne as a princess. The Goose Girl is Shannon Hale’s first published book, and is followed by sequels Enna Burning, and River Secrets. Currently, she is writing a fourth Bayern book.

Also, check out Hale’s cool website,, where there are quizzes, advice on writing, and deleted chapters from The Goose Girl.