CoaCC CoverBe sure to have tissues at the ready before reading this book. Confessions of a Closet Catholic is a heartwarming, humorous tale of a young girl struggling with her faith. Jussie is Jewish, but she doesn’t think that her religion is “cool”. She has confession with her teddy bear Father Ted, and goes to church with her friend’s family. When Jussie’s grandmother, Bubbe, has a stroke, she is torn in two. Will she continue as a “closet catholic”, or learn more about her own religion, which she barely understands?

Whether you are Christian, Jewish, or another religion, you will enjoy the message of this book. It’s a quick read-it only took me a bit over an hour- but you’ll want to re-read this book over and over again. Jussie’s connection with Bubbe is extremely real, and they feel like real people.

“If you aren’t proud of who and what you are, then changing the name of the person you pray to won’t make you feel any better.” is the advice Bubbe gives to Jussie. This is my favorite line, and I thought it would give you a nice taste of the book.

This book isn’t specifically for Christians or Jewish, but for anyone trying to find their faith.