A Great and Terrible Beauty Cover This book left me speechless the first time that I read it. Be warned- make sure you have time on your hands when you read this, because you won’t want to put it down.

Taking place in the victorian era, A Great and Terrible Beauty combines historical fiction and fantasy. When Gemma Doyle’s mother is murdered in India, Gemma is sent to London. Soon after arriving, she has the first of many haunting visions that take place in the future and sometimes the past. At Spence, the boarding school, Gemma makes friends with a tightly knit group that soon splits. Dragging her friends with her, Gemma soon finds herself hopelessly entangled with the mystery surrounding her mother’s death.

Libba Bray creates characters that feel like your friend. What I found interesting about this is that the book is in first person, unlike many fantasy novels. This book is for pre-teens and teens, and fans of historical novels will adore it. The sequel is Rebel Angels.